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It all started a year after being married. My hubby and I decided the time was right to start our family. I was 27 and my hubby was 28. I stopped the pill in the November of 2011, and when I didn’t get my period until the following May, I knew deep inside this wasn’t going to be easy. Our GP referred us to a gynaecologist who put me on Clomid for 8 months and told me every month to keep taking Clomid, that it would work.

Finally I decided to seek a second opinion at a fertility specialist, and after all the tests we received no real answer as to why we weren’t falling pregnant. Hubby and I then did our first and only IUI cycle. That cycle was unsuccessful.

Not being happy with the way things were being treated, we got a referral to another gynaecologist who was lovely. He took the time to talk to us, checked my hubby out and gave him the all-clear, and then did a laparoscopy on me. We found out that I have irregular periods due to PCOS and also have endometriosis.

This gynaecologist then referred us to Westmead Fertility Centre. We went to an information night and met with Dr. Smith and in the following weeks went straight to IVF treatment. Our IVF cycle was an emotional roller-coaster that no one can prepare you for. When all your friends and younger brother are all announcing they are expecting, it made it a challenge to deal with. Hubby and I were so lucky we fell pregnant on our first cycle, and while we were both excited over the moon, we were anxious that something would go wrong. Thank goodness everything was smooth sailing and we are blessed with a beautiful Westmead Fertility Centre miracle baby daughter. After 4 years of an emotional ride, from doctors to gynaecologists to operations to IVF, it was so worth the wait. It didn’t feel like it at the time, but looking back now it was. Don’t give up – have a plan and faith!

Samantha D

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