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We are passionate about our values of quality, accessibility and innovation.

With one in six couples now having difficulty conceiving, we knew we needed to do things differently at Westmead Fertility Centre. Because we are 100 percent owned by the University of Sydney, we are free to tackle the growing issue of infertility in ways that shareholder-owned clinics cannot. That’s why our centre operates as a social enterprise. The main goal of our organisation is to assist more people to realise their dream of becoming a parent by:

  • Providing affordable access to high quality fertility treatments underpinned by the latest effective research and innovations
  • Providing a smooth and hassle free experience through best practice processes
  • Reinvesting our operating surpluses back into our laboratory and clinical services, and into research to address issues at the core of fertility problems.

Keep watching for more updates on Westmead Fertility Centre’s partnership with the University of Sydney and local health district to co-create research facilities at the Westmead campus. Westmead fertility centre: a social enterprise in Sydney’s western suburbs

Access to the latest science and proven innovations


Westmead Fertility Centre offers the latest effective fertility treatments, state-of-the-art equipment and a highly experienced team – the platform for success. Laboratory quality is the foundation of every fertility treatment program. Our laboratory is equipped with highly advanced technology and modern equipment and meets stringent best practice guidelines in terms of climate control and air quality. We have a long and proud history of investing in research and introducing innovations that have enabled us to help more patients realise their dream of becoming a parent. Our team also shares its expertise in the science of fertility around the world.

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Team of experts

With decades of fertility expertise, our team are here to support and guide you on every step of your journey. Fertility investigations and treatments are a team effort and we have a team of experts here to assist you. Our approach involves you, your partner (if you are a couple), your fertility specialist, our experienced embryologists, scientists, nurses and counsellors. We know that no two people are the same, so we will customise your treatment based on your specific physical condition and medical history. Throughout your treatment, your fertility specialist will oversee and adjust your treatment plan as necessary and our experienced and supportive fertility nurses will be your main point of contact. Our embryologists will be on hand to explain the laboratory techniques and answer your questions. Our counsellors are available whenever you need them to help you cope with any uncertainty, anxiety or other feelings you may be experiencing.

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Success rates

IVF Success Rates

We have a proven record of strong success rates for more than 30 years. We have developed an approach to fertility care that brings together expertise in clinical care, research and technology. The outcome of this approach is clear in the strong success rates we achieve for our patients, demonstrated throughout our 30 plus year history. We have had the privilege to help welcome thousands of babies into the world. While we are very proud of our track record to date, we won’t rest there. We are constantly searching for breakthroughs and innovations to improve outcomes for our current and future patients. As a social enterprise, we are committed to the consistent reinvestment of our operating surpluses towards the support of research in the field. We are also a little different when it comes to the patients we assist. While some fertility clinics restrict the patients they accept for treatment to those with the best chance of success, at Westmead Fertility Centre we welcome all patients. Our holistic (whole of body) approach means we are experts at dealing with patients with many conditions that affect fertility including endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), thyroid dysfunction, weight concerns, cancer treatment and more.

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Patient experiences

At Westmead Fertility Centre, we are focused on breaking the silence around infertility and raising awareness of fertility treatments. With one in six Australian couples affected by infertility, solidarity is important. Once people open up and break the silence, they realise they are not alone. Patients courageously share their stories with our team during treatment. Several of our patients have been thoughtful enough to document their stories here, for your benefit.

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