Westmead Fertility Centre: a social enterprise in Sydney’s western suburbs

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Westmead Fertility Centre is a social enterprise 100% owned by The University of Sydney, and this means that unlike other fertility clinics, our focus is not about making a financial profit for the satisfaction and distribution to shareholders.  Instead, we operate as a social enterprise and are in the unique position of being free to tackle the problem of infertility in ways that other clinics cannot.

Social enterprises are organisations that are led by a social, economic, cultural, or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit, and who operate to fulfil their mission for the greater good of society.  Social enterprises continually reinvest any profits / surplus back into the achievement of their ‘greater good’ mission.

At Westmead Fertility Centre, our mission is to be the leader in reproductive care, and we live that mission by applying a dual focus on the present, and the future:


Our patients’ success is our success. Our team commits to doing everything we can to optimise our patients’ chances to realise their dream of becoming a parent.


We reinvest all available funds back into the science that underpins everything we do. This ensures we can continue to offer the latest technologies, and also sees us developing cutting edge research programs that go to the very core of fertility problems to assist future patients.

The social enterprise that is Westmead Fertility Centre exists in the community, for the community. We deliver on our social purpose with passion and commitment, offering the most effective, highest quality fertility treatments to all in our community. We are an inclusive practice and we are determined to enable access to fertility treatment regardless of a patient’s social or financial circumstances.  We commit to best practices to create a patient-centered, supportive and stress-free experience.

All in all, Westmead Fertility Centre stands out from the crowd, being the only fertility clinic in Australia that operates as a social enterprise, using our ‘profits for purpose’ to drive research with the potential to improve future patient outcomes.  So, when you meet our team you will notice the difference.  Take the first step and contact us today.

For more information on social enterprises in Australia, see https://www.theguardian.com/social-enterprise-australia-2015/2015/may/01/what-is-social-enterprise

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