As we continue to evolve into a COVID-19 normal environment, we again revisit the pandemic related precautions in place at Westmead Fertility Centre.  With the pleasing drop in infections and COVID-19 related hospitalisations in NSW, we are now able to cautiously ease some restrictions. 

What will stay the same?

We appreciate our patients’ continued commitment to wearing a mask, goggles and conducting rapid antigen testing as requested when visiting our clinic.

What will change?

We are very happy that we can again welcome partners or support persons back to the embryo transfer procedure.  

With pregnant women particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, we remain committed to strongly encouraging all of our patients to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination and booster(s).  However, if you choose to progress without vaccination, you will be able to embark on treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre from 6 June 2022. In this case, we will require you to complete an additional consent with your fertility specialist, acknowledging your understanding of the known risks of COVID-19 infection in pregnancy.

As has always been the case, our management of COVID-19 will continue to follow the best available medical advice and the position we take on precautions will continue to be reviewed in response to infections in the community. We do hope that the situation continues to improve and that we are not compelled, at some point in the future, to revert to stricter arrangements for the safety of our staff and patients.  

We look forward to assisting you on your journey

We recently shared with you that our service capacity at Westmead Fertility Centre is back to pre-COVID levels.  So, if you are a past or current patient and you have postponed your treatment, now is the time to reconnect with our team to continue on your treatment journey. Please check your Patient Portal to ensure you have all the necessary pre-treatment requirements and that they all remain valid. You can contact us through your Patient Portal to let us know you are planning to start a cycle, or if you have any questions for our team.

If you are a new patient intending on starting treatment, you can find out more about how to get started here. Our team is ready to support and guide you on your journey with us.