Our little egg that could

Patient Stories

We tried to conceive naturally for years and eventually found a doctor that was willing to look closer
at why nothing was happening for us. I was heartbroken to find out I had a low egg count and our
chance at conceiving without a donor egg was very slim.

Our doctor referred us to Westmead Fertility Centre with the encouragement to try one round
ourselves before moving to looking at donor options. Our first attempt was cancelled due to my
hormone levels being too high but amazingly our second attempt got us working through our
injections and egg collection.

When we did our collection we ended up only retrieving one little egg. Every stage we moved
through successfully after that was cause for a little more hope and so this egg got dubbed the little
egg that could.

One of the nurses at WFC mentioned in our first appointment that sometimes all it takes is one egg,
one chance to make one baby. We are extremely blessed to be that story. One egg… the little egg
that could… is now a baby girl snoring softly on my chest as I type.

Thank you for helping us get our little miracle.