Meet Westmead Fertility Centre’s Scientific Director Associate Professor Cecilia Sjoblom

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A/Prof Cecilia Sjoblom has over 22 years of experience in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART).  A/Prof Sjoblom trained at the Fertility Centre Scandinavia in Sweden and was awarded her PhD in the field of early human embryo development in 2001 at Göteborg University, Sweden in collaboration with the University of Adelaide.  A/Prof Sjoblom also holds Masters Degrees in Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Education. She held an A/Professor post at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom before joining Westmead Fertility Centre.

With her considerable expertise and knowledge, A/Prof Sjoblom is frequently called on to help improve the quality management systems and success rates of fertility clinics around the world.

A/Prof Sjoblom’s research is recognised internationally and she is the inventor of EmbryoGen, a cytokine based culture medium that increases the pregnancy success in women with recurrent miscarriage.

In A/Prof Sjoblom’s role as Scientific Director at Westmead Fertility Centre, she directs the Embryology team and heads the Early Embryo Development and Epigenetics research group.  According to A/Prof Sjoblom, her most important role is working side by side with her team as a hands-on embryologist in Westmead Fertility Centre’s state of the art laboratories.

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