How Westmead Fertility Centre delivers culturally sensitive fertility treatment

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At Westmead Fertility Centre, we are committed to making fertility treatment accessible and we understand you may have considerations about assisted reproductive technology (or ART) based on your cultural background or religious beliefs.  We want you to know that our team is available to discuss an approach to fertility treatment that is aligned with your particular situation. We encourage patients to discuss fertility treatment with their religious leader or group, to ensure assumptions are not made and all considerations can be fully explored.  

We offer a 1:1 consultation with our Scientific Director, A/Prof Cecilia Sjoblom. In this consultation, A/Prof Sjoblom will outline options that are available, while offering transparency and openness over the outcomes.  At Westmead Fertility Centre, our team understand the value of family and we will endeavour to accommodate all reasonable requests without compromising treatment outcomes and success rates.

For patients where English is not their first language, we can facilitate interpreter services to translate the medical consultations and clinic appointments. 

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