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There are many clinics offering fertility treatment with assisted reproductive technology (or ART).  But not all clinics are the same and we understand it can be difficult to choose the right one.  

At Westmead Fertility Centre, we strongly believe the science behind the treatment is the critical success factor.  We encourage you not to judge a clinic by the art on the walls or the furnishings in the reception area or any other ‘bells and whistles’.  Here, we offer 6 simple questions to ask prospective fertility clinics – the answers to which will guide you to the best clinic for you.

1.What fertility treatment options does the clinic offer?

You want a clinic that provides the full suite of assisted reproductive technologies, and assurance that all treatment options are underpinned by research and backed by the latest knowledge and technology.  Ask each clinic for a full list of treatment options to assess the breadth of services available.

2.How qualified and experienced are the embryology staff?

Embryologists are the scientists who will handle your sperm, oocytes (eggs) and embryos. This is where you really want the best of the best.  Enquire with the clinic as to the skills and training of their embryology team – ask how many members in the team and how many hold higher degrees, such as Masters or PhDs.

3.What is the likelihood of success in your age group?

You want to engage with a clinic that you can trust to clearly inform you of your chance of success.  Ask the clinic for their clinical pregnancy and live birth rates for your age group.  It’s important the clinic’s success rates are transparent, believable and will give you the best chance of taking home a baby.

4.Does the clinic have a proven track record?

A long and proven track record of accreditation for assisted reproductive technologies and the experience of the clinic and Fertility Specialists working as a team are essential to your chance of success.  Ask how long the clinic has been offering treatment with assisted reproductive technologies.

5.How much will the treatment cost

Cost is often a critical factor when making a decision between clinics. You want to know that the clinic is focused on keeping treatment affordable, making services accessible to all of the community, and the costs are transparent from the start.  Ask for an estimate of the price of your treatment, including what is included and what may be an additional charge later.

6.Who benefits from the clinic’s profits?

To ensure that your clinic stays at the top of the class in terms of harnessing the most recent research and technology, you want to choose a clinic that uses their profits to constantly reinvest in new state of the art laboratory equipment, clinical services and research – rather than paying dividends to investors.  Ask the clinic exactly where their operating surpluses go.

All content should be considered as opinion only. Always seek the direct advice of your doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have. 

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