Dreams can come true

Patient Stories

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 5 years. He was tested multiple times and each time his sperm count went down. We initially saw another clinic who said they could help us. When we got to the epu they took my eggs, got a sample from my husband then called us 1 hour later to tell us they threw everything in the bin because they couldn’t find any sperm.

We then met Dr Howard Smith who tested my husband and then did a trial run of surgically removing sperm. He found some so we proceeded with a round of IVF. After the OPU we went to see the scientist who said they weren’t having any luck finding any sperm alive. They said they would keep looking. The next morning we expected a phone call to say sorry we couldn’t fertilise any eggs but instead we got a message saying we had 5 embryos fertilised!

I bawled my eyes out I was so happy! We did a transfer 5 days later and then 9 months later I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy Aidan. We never thought this day would come but it did. Never give up hope because dreams can come true.