Do you have a wait list to start treatment?

Frequently Asked Questions

Westmead Fertility Centre offers bulk billing to patients undergoing fertility preservation in advance of treatment that will affect their future fertility (eg prior to chemotherapy). All other patients will be eligible for our affordable treatment fees. In a recent survey, 91 percent of our patients found our fees affordable and confirmed that our fee structure made treatment accessible to them.

The fee quoted by Westmead Fertility Centre includes all cycle fees, day surgery fees, embryo freezing and 3 months of complimentary embryo storage. We are upfront and open about all the fees that you may need to pay and ensure you are well informed before starting the process.

Other clinics that claim to bulk bill generally do not offer one upfront fee, and can only bulk bill a portion of your eventual out-of-pocket costs. Bulk billing clinics will likely apply additional charges related to day surgery, the anaesthetist, embryo freezing, embryo storage, counselling and other additional standard services. So, when reviewing prices between clinics, it is very important to compare the costs of the entire fertility process from start to finish.

Here are some questions you should ask if you are comparing pricing between clinics:

  • Do you charge any additional fees for day surgery?
  • Do you charge an additional fee for the anaesthetist or pain relief?
  • Is there an additional fee for freezing embryos?
  • Is there an additional fee for the ongoing storage of the embryos?
  • Do you charge an additional fee for providing emotional support from a counsellor?
  • Do your additional fees reduce if further treatment is required?

It is important to note that, depending on your own circumstances, as you accrue out-of-pocket expenses (from any type of medical treatment) the Medicare Safety Net will likely reduce your expenses for fertility treatment in that calendar year. Also, with Westmead Fertility Centre, you don’t need to pay for additional health insurance, as it is not required to access our services.