COVID-19 Update 16 July 2020

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Considering the recent unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria, and increasing cases of community transmission here in NSW, we are asking our patients to be extra cautious at this time. 

Unfortunately, many of the COVID-19 NSW hotspots have started or spread via visits to hotels, pubs and restaurants, so we encourage you and your partner to avoid visiting such establishments while you are waiting to start or undergoing fertility treatment.  We know this is an additional sacrifice in an already challenging time.  But, we need all of our patients to appreciate that this is the new environment we find ourselves in and we all must be more vigilant.  A single positive case in our clinic will force us to shutdown services – for an unknown period of time. And, the last thing we want is for one of our patients or a team member to contract COVID-19.

So, we are seeking your support to ensure we have a safe environment and can continue to stay open and provide fertility treatment.  We are asking you to:

  • maintain physical distancing, 
  • use good hygiene,
  • avoid crowded places, 
  • home isolate as much as possible when not attending work or your medical appointments, 
  • take your temperature every morning, 
  • use the Government’s COVIDSafe App,
  • let us know immediately if you have flu-like symptoms and/or are being tested for COVID-19, and 
  • let us know immediately if you have been to a hotspot or exposed to someone who has been.  

And remember, being tested for COVID-19 doesn’t mean your treatment cycle will be cancelled.  However, you must contact us immediately if you begin to show symptoms so we can arrange for urgent testing at the COVID clinic at Westmead Hospital. This will enable us, and you, to receive your result much quicker than if you were to arrange for testing on your own and could be the difference between continuing and cancelling your cycle. 

We are here to support you on your fertility journey.  But, it is not business as usual. Please help us to all stay safe so we can remain open and keep doing what we love to do.