With other fertility clinics recently making the difficult decision to close for treatment at this time, we would like to reassure our patients that WFC remains open.  But, in order to continue to offer treatment to our patients, we must introduce additional COVID-19 safety measures. These requirements are for the safety of our patients, our staff and the broader community and we seek support from our patients.
The NSW Government has identified 3 local government areas (LGAs) as being of particular concern at this time. As a result, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone the start of fresh and frozen cycles for patients who reside within the Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury-Bankstown LGAs. We look forward to starting these cycles as soon as possible after the NSW Government relaxes the heightened restrictions currently in place for in these areas.
Patients from the LGAs of concern who have already started treatment (i.e. patients who are already midcycle) and who wish to continue their treatment at this time, will be required to undertake COVID-19 surveillance testing every 72 hours for the duration of their treatment.  Our staff from this area have also committed to this testing. Evidence of a recent negative test result will be required before entry to the clinic will be permitted. Please note that there will be no penalty for patients who may choose to cancel their cycle at this time.
From Monday 26 July, all female patients undertaking a fresh cycle will need to show a negative COVID-19 test result, obtained within the 72 hours before their oocyte (egg) pick-up (OPU) procedure. This rule is in place irrespective of where the patient lives.

We understand these additional measures are difficult, and we will be regularly reviewing these requirements to ensure they remain best practice at this time. We are all in this together. Only through strict safety measures can we safeguard our patients, our staff, and do our part for the community at this time.