COVID-19 Update 27 March 2020


By now you may have heard the announcement regarding elective surgery from Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

Mr Morrison’s government made the decision to cancel all non-urgent elective surgery in public and private hospital systems across Australia as of midnight Wednesday 25 March 2020.  This was later adjusted to 1 April 2020 for private hospitals. This is to support hospitals across the country to prepare for the expected influx of COVID-19 cases and ensure there are enough resources, like personal protective equipment.  

The Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt has provided his support so that patients who are actively in an IVF or ICSI cycle will continue to their egg pick-up procedure. 

However, we will not be able to start any new IVF or ICSI cycles during this time. 

We know this will be disappointing for our patients, but at this time it is important we all support our hospitals and healthcare providers to care for those who are critically ill with COVID-19.  

For the time being, we will continue with natural frozen embryo transfer cycles.  Please contact our team for more information.  

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well in these challenging times.

Your Team at Westmead Fertility Centre