Congratulations Dr Louise!


While working at Westmead Fertility Centre as a Clinical Embryologist, Louise has also been completing her PhD studies on the effects of in vitro procedures, such as vitrification, on embryo development.
Louise used porcine (pig) embryos as a model for her research as pig embryos are particularly sensitive to in vitro manipulations. Louise’s research findings provide valuable insights on the impact of in vitro procedures on the viability of embryos in all species, including humans.
Congratulations from all of your colleagues at Westmead Fertility Centre Louise!

The American College of Embryology (EMBCOL) in 2013 announced that patients should ask about the expertise, training and credentials of their Fertility Clinic’s embryologists.
Westmead Fertility Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Sydney and we are very proud that our team of Embryologists are all committed to postgraduate education.