$40,000 for a baby

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You may have seen the media article recently on IVF (see here).  Within the article was the report of a couple paying $40,000 for 7 cycles of IVF.  Unfortunately, we hear stories like this all the time.  Couples and individuals believe they must pay large out of pocket amounts to get the treatment, care and support they desperately need.  We want people to know there is another option. 

At Westmead Fertility Centre we have been providing high quality fertility treatment since 1984.  We have a proven track record of high success rates and over our long history have helped thousands of couples and individuals to become parents.  Our team will only suggest proven technologies and adjust our approach as new advances or further knowledge is gained.  Our patients pay $1,000 for an IVF cycle, which covers all cycle related costs, including day surgery, embryo freezing and 3 months of cryostorage.

People ask us “How do you deliver high success rates at an affordable price?”  Our answer is that we simply have made a choice to keep our prices low in order to make high-quality treatment using the latest technology accessible to all.  We are able to do this as we are owned by The University of Sydney, rather than profit-driven shareholders.  We operate ‘for purpose’ as a social enterprise.  We reinvest in the latest technology and into fertility research that will help future patients.

If you want to know more about us have a look through our website or come and meet our team at one of our free Fertility Information Seminars. Find out more and reserve your seat for our next event here: https://westmeadfertilitycentre.com.au/latest-research-and-resources/

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