With 1 in 6 couples struggling with fertility, you are not alone


Our patients often tell us that hearing and reading other people’s stories about infertility helped them realise that they’re not alone in having trouble conceiving and gave them greater strength to cope with their own journey.

While our team can explain fertility treatment to you, to truly understand how it feels, its better to hear it from someone who’s been through it. So, here is a real story that one of our patients, Alexia*, has chosen to share with the hope of helping others.

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If you are currently experiencing difficulty conceiving, then make an appointment to see one of our Fertility Specialists. At Westmead Fertility Centre our Counsellor is also available for support at no additional charge.

*Alexia Purcell is an internationally recognised social media expert, journalist and university lecturer. She is the Social Media Editor for APN Australian Regional Media.